Run It Yourself

Safe, secure and as anonymous as you want.

It was already possible to test drive the Eccenric Authentication Proxy. But it required you to compile software. Now we’ve flattend that hurdle (a bit).

As of today we can offer the first download of our client software for Debian GNU/Linux. It might even work at other linux-distributions.

The software is a local proxy service. It sits on your computer, receiving requests from your brower. It does all cryptographic operations that browsers are bad at.

Here is a walkthrough of what you can expect when you run it: walkthrough.


You can download the ecca-proxy software here: ecca-proxy.tgz

Notice that this is a 64-bit executable. (linux only).

run it

To run it, perform these steps:

apt get install libunbound2 libsqlite3 openssl
tar xzvf ecca-proxy.tgz


configure your browser

You need to configure your brower to send all requests to the ecca-proxy. Here is how to do that:

start your browser (iceweasel/firefox)
click on Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings

You should see this:

Click ‘Manual…’ and fill in and port 8000 at the HTTP Proxy setting and press Ok -> Close

Now you’re ready to play with it. We have two websites that offer Eccentric Authentication:

1. The worlds’ most secure dating site

It looks a bit like a dating site. You can get a list of aliens (as we call humans that use this service). You can create your own profile. And you can send encrypted messages. The proxy is handling encryption and decryption. The dating site only sees the unreadable bits (ciphertext).

To see the messaging in action, get a friend to sign up too and send encrypted messages to each other. It’s free!

2. The cryptoblog

It’s a rudimentary blogging site. You can create a blog or comment on other peoples’ blogs. The demo showcases how one can exchange keys with strangers - correctly - without any dificult prodedures. Instead, just click.

Free software

This is all Free Software with open source code. The source code of the ecca-proxy is at: The dating site is based at